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Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

By Definition, digital transformation is one effort for a business to utilize technology to its full extent. The most common goals for transformations are usually related to increasing efficiency, adding value for either the customer or business itself.

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Customer Acquisition
Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is essentially the business efforts or techniques used to acquire its customers. Engage prospect customers, and activate those prospects. It is the top three funnels within the marketing funnel and the most important factor.

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AI for KYC automation
AI for KYC automation: Revamping Risk Profiling

According to a recent study by Research Drive, the global AI for the BFSI market is expected to garner a revenue of over $84 million in the 2021–2028 timeframe.

Omnichannel Marketing
Omnichannel Marketing on Integrated Retail Store

Omnichannel marketing should focus on creating an immersive environment in order to create a seamless experience for the customers.

Role Of Artificial Intelligence
Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Logistics

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most revolutionary technologies in the modern world. It benefits businesses worldwide by increasing efficiency and maximizing resource utilization.


Audio Ads
Google Makes Audio Ads Available To All Advertising

Google is making audio ads available to all advertisers, giving businesses more ways to reach music and podcast listeners on YouTube.

OpenCV and Python
How to Use OpenCV and Python for Computer

Initially developed by Intel, OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a free cross-platform computer vision library for real-time image processing.

Consumer Research
What Is Consumer Research and Why Is It Important?

At the heart of your business is your customer, and to grow and scale you’re going to need to get to know them really, really well.